Retrobattle is made to look and feel like the classic arcade-style NES games, such as Ice Climber and Clu Clu Land. Not only are the sprites limited to three colors each, but the scoring, increasing difficulty, and setup of the game makes for a challenging arcade experience that mixes various oldschool concepts. Note that playing on Skill 1 is pretty boring compared to the havoc of Skill 8, so it may seem slow at first.

This game was originally implemented in Game Maker by Daniel Remar. This is the GNU/Linux implementation by Andreas Remar. The Windows version can be found at Daniel's base.


There are two different distributions of Retrobattle, as a binary package for Linux-x86 and as a source package. The binary was compiled in Ubuntu 10.04. If you can't get the binary to start, try the source package. You'll need SDL and SDL_mixer (either as binary libraries or development packages, depending on which package of Retrobattle you download).

retrobattle-linux-x86-1.0.0.tar.bz2 Binary 4.4 MB Binary 5.8 MB
retrobattle-src-1.0.0.tar.bz2 Source 3.9 MB Source 5.4 MB


The GNU/Linux version of Retrobattle is licensed under the GNU GPL.


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