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Update 226

17 January 2015
Server issues, Princess Remedy coming soon

The main links to all my games will not be working for a while. Don't worry, they should be hopefully back up in a few days, hosted on my own server instead. Soon, I'll also release version 1.2 of Princess Remedy In a World of Hurt, a game jam game we made at Ludosity a while ago!

9 November 2014
Slow and unsteady

Firstly, my webhost seems rather unstable lately, so if you can't reach my page, just try again later. Secondly, the strawberry game is coming along well, but not as quickly as I had hoped. It's unlikely to be done by the end of the year at this rate, but I'll work hard to make sure it won't be delayed even more than it already is. Thank you for your patience.

18 July 2014
Goings on

In 2009, I worked for a few weeks on something called the "strawberry game", which was also shown at No More Sweden two years back. I apologize for talking about it and then dropping it so suddenly, but I'm finally picking the game up again, and intend to finish it by the end of the year. It's quite a small game, but a complicated project at the same time, so it's taken a while to re-plan it. In other news, I'll be representing Ludosity with a booth at Närcon next week, showing off our games from Thursday to Sunday at the Indie Gathering!

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