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Update 264

30 January 2024
Scrap Pack 5 released

It's time for another Scrap Pack with ten small games of varying quality. Get it here!

20 December 2023
Works in progress

First off, sorry for the lack of updates in 2023. I've been working on a huge DOS-style puzzle/platform/action/story game called Tower of Gold, which will hopefully be completed very late in 2024. Here's a sneak peek:
ToG screenshot 1   ToG screenshot 2
ToG screenshot 3   ToG screenshot 4

In September I started learning MilkyTracker with instrument help from .Haku at Ludosity, and I've made 15 songs for Tower of Gold so far. Here are two of them:
ToG music 1
ToG music 2

I've been compiling ten tiny games and prototypes into a new Scrap Pack, which will be released in January:
Scrap Pack 5 preview (small)
Scrap Pack 5 preview (big)

I'm also working on an icy texture pack for Quake using its 256 color palette, which will be released with a new level using the textures at some point in 2024. Currently it looks like this:
Quake textures screenshot

3 January 2023
Trailers and Super Mario Maker 2 levels

I've added a download to the Resources page for all my game trailers, if you want them for some reason. I've also added a page that lists my Super Mario Maker 2 levels with hints and solutions to their secrets, but obviously you need that game to access and play them.

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