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About this site

Hi! This is my homepage, where I put the games etc. I make in my spare time. If there's a game I've made at a game jam or similar that isn't on this page, it'll be here eventually when the next Scrap Pack gets made.

This site uses no browser cookies, scripts, ads, or pop-ups. My games do not make use of the Windows registry, do not come with installation programs and do not create any shortcuts. They're freeware, open-source executables for Windows and use text files for saving.

If you want to link to my site, you do not need to ask for permission. I prefer linking to the game pages instead of hosting mirrors of my games, as I still update them from time to time.

You can find the most frequently asked questions in the FAQ.

If you want to translate a game or game guide, please ask me on Twitter and include your e-mail adress. Thanks!