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Scrap pack
Genre: Varies
Content: Varies
Original release: 2009

Download Version 1.4 (11 September 2011)

Note: Each game has two exe files compiled in different versions of Game Maker. If one doesn't work, please try the other.

By request, this is a collection of concepts, prototypes, game jam competition entries, and some finished games I wouldn't put alongside the others on my site. There are also simple homebrew games for the Nintendo DS with included links to emulators.

Basically, these games were not released on the site because they're either incomplete, crappy, or both. Each game has an accompanying text file with information and controls, be sure to read them!

What's in the pack:
- Bear Miner *
- Hairwalker *
- Ittle Dew ***
- Labyrintia **
- Menlandaro! (NDS) *
- Randomhack 1.4 (NDS and Flash) ***
- No Friction *
- Really Shooter *
- Find the secret word *
- Spacenörd ***

The number of stars represent how much work was put into the games, or how long they may last you.

You can also play a Flash version of Randomhack here, but note that modern web browers no longer support Flash. This is just here in case you use an old browser in order to play Flash content.

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