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These are some multiplayer levels I made for the very first Unreal Tournament, also known as UT99. They use only stock assets and should work with any version.

The bot pathfinding is very rudimentary in these levels, but they can at least find their way around. Also, I didn't know how to add preview images, so the level browser will display them as black squares. Don't expect too much. :)

How to play a level: simply put them in the Maps directory of Unreal Tournament and start the game, then begin a practice game and choose the level to play.

Domination - Citywars

Recommended players: 4-16

Based on my old Doom level, this one has three towers in various corners of the city containing the Domination points. It's not as big as it looks, but is full of shortcuts, sewer tunnels, walkways and sniper spots. The bots will ignore the upper walkways in order to keep the pace high.

Domination - The Floating Tomb of Snaa-Kee

Recommended players: 4-12

Set in a giant spinning pyramid floating over the desert, this level consists mainly of some very tight corridors and three rooms holding the Domination points. The bots tend to go a bit crazy at the start since the spawn points are so close together. Remember to watch your step!

Capture the Flag - Aristeia

Recommended players: 4-12

A small and straightforward Capture the Flag level. Unfortunately the bots won't utilize the sniper spots - sorry about that. There's a secret weapon on each side of the map that requires the Translocator to get, but it's not really worth your time.

Deathmatch - Block Fort

Recommended players: 4-12

A very simple and brightly lit deathmatch level inspired by a stage in Mario Kart 64. Works somewhat well with the Instagib Arena mutator. It actually has the same towers and skybox I built for Aristeia...