Remar's Abstract Graphics Engine

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Hello and welcome to this website about Rage - Remar's Abstract Graphics Engine for Nintendo DS. To get an idea of what Rage is, please see About Rage.

Rage version 0.2 is released! The new features are automatic palette handling and background scrolling. I've also added a new section to this site, "Screenshots". Can you guess what you'll find there?

Anyway, head over to the downloads page and get Rage 0.2.0!

So.. after a little downtime when it comes to coding I've started again. When working on a little side project I found another bug in Rage, so here's Rage 0.1.2! As always, you can find the new release on the downloads page.

I'm currently coding on something that actually uses Rage, so I've been able to find some bugs! Both bugs were related to animating sprites, and both are fixed. You can find a new release on the downloads page.

Rage is released to the world! After a month of work, here is finally the first version of this C++ graphics library for Nintendo DS. See the tutorial to learn how to use it, or see the about page to read about the features and future of Rage.