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Doom II levels

Most of these levels were made in 2003, so don't expect too much. They were touched up in 2020-2024 so they're slightly less terrible, and each level comes with a text file containing a secrets guide.

These levels are compatible with the original DOS Doom 2. They will also run fine in any source port, such as ZDoom, but were not designed for jumping and looking up or down. The custom music was obtained from which is currently inactive.

If you don't own Doom 2, specifically the doom2.wad file, you can use Freedoom Phase 2 to play these levels instead.

How to play a level:
Add the levels to your Doom 2 directory and start the game with the -file parameter. An easy way to do this in Windows is to create a shortcut to the game, and add this after the filename: -file levelname.wad
Example: "c:\doom2\doom2.exe -file evilcore.wad"

Alternatively, most source ports allow you to simply drag and drop the level onto the game executable.

Evilcore (Version 2)

Music: Demonic Teleporter by Urrova

Made in 2018, this was my first level in 15 years. It's a single arena that evolves as you press switches and fight increasingly challenging waves of demons. Health and ammo is plentiful, but not too much so. Trying to beat this as fast as possible comes down to a balance between cleaning up the current mess of enemies and letting the next waves in. It's pretty beginner-friendly on the easier settings, but was designed for UV. If you don't know what to do next, look for switches or brightly lit areas.

Citywars (Version 6)

Music: When Hell Freezes Over by Santtu "MF38" Pesonen

You are a single elite soldier sent to reclaim a city occupied by demons. The monsters have split into three "gangs": the Grunts, the Hell Knights, and the Mancubus, each gang controlling one part of the city. You must eliminate each one in turn and proceed to the next with a keycard found deep within their headquarters. After all three gangs are eradicated, you must find and assassinate the mastermind of the city.

The grunts
This small-time gang has a large turf and consists of Zombiemen, Shotgun guys, Chaingunners, and Imps. Due to the Grunts always trying to stay up-to-date with other gangs' technology, their leader is a cybernetic spiderdemon.

The Hell Knights
This gang consists of pinky Demons and Hell Knights, and their headquarters is more heavily guarded than the Grunts. Remember to shoot all switches you can't hit normally - some may require a certain weapon. Watch out for stray Demons sneaking up on you as you battle the other gangs.

The Mancubus
The most heavy-duty gang in town, consisting of Revenants and Mancubus. Their watchtower overlooks the nearby streets, so these guys will definitely take notice when you start tearing through the city. Their leader is said to be an unstoppable cyborg.

The Mastermind
Located somewhere deep within the heart of the city, he can easily deal with any intruder. A switch in his lair will seal Hell's gateway into the city.

Assault (Version 8)

Music: Hell Ascends by Santtu "MF38" Pesonen

Inspired by Team17's oldie, Tower Assault, this level has you storming a heavily guarded tower. It's quite small and simple in geometry, but ammo is pretty tight on the higher difficulties.

Carnage (Version 7)

Music: Zone 300 Map23 by Paul Corfiatis

A simple, flat level inspired by Tower Assault by Team 17. The level is divided into sectors, or corridors. Each sector has some optional rooms, a control room, and a door to the next sector.

White doors - lead to optional rooms holding enemies, ammo and health.

Green doors - lead to the Sectors' control rooms, where you'll find useful weapons and keycards.

Red doors - lead to other sectors. Some require keycards to open.

CyberPac (Version 2)

Music: Riff by Doomkid

Pac-man in Doom! Run down the corridors collecting 30 Megaspheres. Once you have them all, the outermost walls will open to reveal the exit. The higher the difficulty, the more Cyberdemons go after you! To help you out there are two switches that lower certain walls in the corners of the arena, where you'll find some handy bonuses.

Technical trivia: this level works by each Megasphere being surrounded by four linedefs that trigger crushers in an area outside the map, each one containing a Keen doll. This uses a hardcoded sector tag in Doom opening like a door when all Keens are dead.

Icon (Version 4)

Music: Zone 300 Title by Paul Corfiatis

My own version of the game's final level. It's simple in design, but finding the switches to flick requires you to go back and forth between two areas divided by a chasm. About halfway through you'll raise some slow platforms, so if you don't see anything happening, just wait. On the two highest difficulty levels, the Icon will spawn twice as many enemies, so you'd better be quick about it!

Technical trivia: the reason there's a barrel at the very beginning is so you must fire and propagate the sound to the main room, which is connected through sectors outside the map. Otherwise the enemies would not wake up unless you fire or they see you, causing them to get stuck inside each other since an enemy cannot telefrag one that has not yet woken up.