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Update 256

11 July 2021
The MEGA update!

It's time to head to the Games page, because Hero, Castle of Elite, Garden Gnome Carnage and Hero Core have all received major updates and compatibility ports! Iji, Hyper Princess Pitch, Princess Remedy, and Strawberry Jam have also received minor updates. You can see a full list of all the changes here!

23 May 2021
Retrobattle version 5 released

Retrobattle was originally released 16 years ago, and I was never really satisfied with it. So here's an update that makes it faster, more exciting, and more fair, plus includes two versions of the executable for increased compatibility.

1 May 2021
Spring cleaning

Now that Flash is no longer supported by web browsers, I made the link to the Flash version of Randomhack less prominent, and put it alongside the original NDS version in the Scrap Pack in case people still want to play it and have the means to do so. I also removed the Donate button on this News page since donations were very rare, but also because I would rather people buy Ludosity's games (the company where I work). It not only supports me but also my friends at Ludosity!

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