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Quake levels

These levels were designed for the original DOS Quake, but also work with any source port such as QuakeSpasm (recommended) and the official Quake remaster. Each level also comes with a text file containing a secrets guide.

The levels were made with Worldcraft and Trenchbroom, and the .map source files are included.

How to play a level (the .bsp file):
Add the level to your quake\ID1\maps directory.
Start the game, open the console (~ key) and type:
skill 0 for Easy difficulty,
or skill 1 for Normal difficulty,
or skill 2 for Hard difficulty,
or skill 3 for Nightmare difficulty.
Next type map x where x is the name of the level, for example map rgcastle.

Castle Puzzlefort (Version 3)

An exploration, jumping, and puzzle-focused level with no enemies, set in a small castle inspired by Castle Master for the Amiga. This level can also be played in deathmatch which removes the puzzles. And the horse. Neigh!

You do not need any advanced Quake jumping skills to beat this level, and there are no secret shootable walls. This revised version makes some of the jumps easier, and a certain puzzle is no longer timed.

For technical reasons one monster is part of a puzzle's mechanism off-screen, so it will show up on the level results screen. Solving the puzzle automatically kills the monster.

Citadel of Fire (Version 4)

A straightforward action level with a lot of secrets - and a final challenge for those who find them all. This level can also be played in deathmatch which changes the layout and items around. Version 4 makes some secrets a little easier to find.

Deepest Oblivion (Version 3)

Originally released in 2019, this was my first Quake level in 19 years. While making it I experimented with various setpieces, and while looking up the details of the Quake engine I learned about a bunch of tricks that mappers have used in the past. I may have put a few too many gimmicks in there.

I'm not very satisfied with how the level ends, but the original boss I had planned didn't work out in practice. Maybe next time.

Due to the logic and special effects used, this level will have some small issues with mods like Copper that change the behaviour of the game.


Not a level, but a pack of simple solid-colored "fullbright" textures. This is only useful if you make Quake levels yourself, or want to edit mine.