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Quake levels

These single-player levels were designed to work with the original DOS Quake, but should also work with any source port. The levels were made in a modified version of Worldcraft and tested with DOS Quake and QuakeSpasm. They are set to play various CD tracks that correspond to the original Quake soundtrack.

How to play a level:
Add the levels to your quake\ID1\maps directory.
Start the game, open the console (~ key) and type:
skill 0 for Easy difficulty,
or skill 1 for Normal difficulty,
or skill 2 for Hard difficulty,
or skill 3 for Nightmare difficulty.
Next type map x where x is the name of the level.

How to play a demo:
Place the movies in the quake\ID1 directory.
Start the game, open the console (~ key) and type:
playdemo x where x is the name of the demo.

The demos were recorded in QuakeSpasm 0.93 and unfortunately won't work in DOS Quake.

Deepest Oblivion

Demo: Nightmare - 100% completion.

Plays CD track: 5 (Known as "Track 4" in the official soundtrack).

Made in 2019, this is my first Quake level in 19 years. It's quite dark - sometimes deliberately pitch black - and is best played in a dark room. Fight grueling battles, solve puzzles and descend ever further into the depths of the unknown...

While making this level I experimented with various setpieces, and while looking up the details of the Quake engine I learned about a bunch of info_notnull tricks that mappers have used in the past. I may have put a few too many such gimmicks in there. :p The level exactly hits the solid entity limit of 128 that the original engine can handle, but it was a fun restriction to work with. I'm not really satisfied with how it ends, but the original setpiece I had planned didn't work out in practice.

You can download the source file for this level here.