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Unreal Tournament levels

These are some multiplayer levels I made for the very first Unreal Tournament, also known as UT99.

How to play a level: simply put them in the Maps directory of Unreal Tournament and start the game, then begin a practice game and choose the level to play.

Domination - Citywars (Version 2)

Based on my old Doom level, this one has three towers in various corners of the city containing the Domination points. It's not as big as it looks, but is full of shortcuts, sewer tunnels, walkways and sniper spots. The bots will ignore the upper walkways in order to keep the pace high.

Domination - The Floating Tomb of Snaa-Kee (Version 2)

Set in a giant spinning pyramid floating over the desert, this level consists of some tight corridors connecting the three rooms holding the Domination points. Remember to watch your step!

Capture the Flag - Aristeia (Version 2)

A relatively small and straightforward Capture the Flag level set on a series of connected rooftops.

Deathmatch - Block Fort (Version 2)

A colorful, brightly lit deathmatch level inspired by a stage in Mario Kart 64. Also works well in Team Deathmatch and with the Instagib Arena mutator.