Yukabacera's news page
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1. Would you look at that

Hey Naotgerai! It's me, Yukabacera - I told you I could do it! You thought it was crazy studying random planets, much less trying to interfere with their equipment from lightturns away. Heck, everyone thought it was crazy trying to decipher their languages. But I showed them all! Here I am, the transmission firmly planted smack in the middle of their communications network, and in one of their own languages to boot. HAH! HA HA HAAAH! Hope the parser I sent you works, or I'll have to translate it all anyway.

These guys are crazy. Still primal despite the technology, even this network is a mess. Yeah, that's right, I even figured out how to make the text tilt. Like this. It's awesome. I'm gonna do it all the time. Or maybe not. But I can still do this.

So what are you up to? Heard about that Komato cracking military Nanoweapons? They managed to extract his ID from the logbook despite the scramble. Don't think they got anything on him, but some top dog called Kiron took it seriously. Let's hope they don't get the same idea over here, but I've no interest in weapons anyway.

One more thing. They're increasing security on communications to keep the Komato one step further away, which means we won't be able to reach each other anymore. Hel Sarie's orders, so there's nothing we can do. Well, except for one thing of course, I can still edit this little page, you should already know how to reach it by now. Keep checking back, and I'll keep you up to date even if they decide to cut the all-wide news feed.

I'll also add these drawings I made in one of the image display methods on this communications network. It sure took a while to write an editor for this format, and even now it's a bit difficult using the standard Terminal interface to draw something cohorent. Whatever, it's more fun than waveflux advertisements. Yuka out!

2. I think they're just jealous

You know how I'm not the brightest cracker, right? They say I won't accomplish anything? Well if this page doesn't prove them wrong, I've got something in the works that will. It's an electronic game that runs on standard Tasen terminals! They were always serious about not allowing any games on these, but I found a way to use the line drawing operations on top of the regular display.

Imagine this: the background is all black, with a spotlight tower. Right? And you're this little person in the middle, who shoots things. The background scrolls around like it was 3D as you prowl the labyrinths for enemies, extra tries and the exit. You gotta hide behind the scenery, or the spotlight sees you and sends out a Megamissile, you know, like the ones the Komato Generals use. If you don't stay behind cover, you get blown away. I couldn't fit more than 9 levels in for some reason, but at the end there's some cool effects I pulled off with the color adjustment function.

I know you got some terminals around where you work, so I'll put the game in the usual place when it's done, and you'll see if you can get it to run. Man, this is exciting stuff! Yuka out.