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9. Mysterious survivor

Remember that small Komato planet I told you about, the one fleet Zontohya Alpha Striked two longturns ago? According to the latest Komato news, it was a military research station, and I don't even want to imagine what they were doing down there, because get this - there was a survivor. A survivor! The Army was just collecting the debris and whatever resources were left on their planet, but a report sneaked out that they also picked up an "experiment subject", a starving but physically unharmed Komato. She had actually been stuck on the planet for two longturns, surviving on whatever still passed as energy sources.

Of course I didn't want to jump to conclusions, but think about it. Nothing biological survives a full Alpha Strike, ever. We can't use something as powerful as planetary shields on individuals, they would get fried. So either this is a fluke or a rumor, or that Komato's personal shielding was actually strong enough to withstand the Strike! Imagine the possibilities if that were true. On second thought, don't imagine it, since her cybernetic metabolism must also have allowed her to survive the toxic atmosphere and acid rain you always get in the wake of a Strike. We knew the Komato were far ahead of us in Nanotechnology and cybernetics, but this is ridiculous.

...Honestly though, I find it hard to believe. If they had access to that kind of technology, they would have put it into full use already. This may just be an attempt to scare us. Better not give it too much thought. Yuka out.

10. Gossip and personal attacks, what the all-wide news feed was made for

Okay, what's dumber - an insane loudmouth Komato Assassin, or one that just got severely humiliated and makes a fuss about it?

This is all from the Komato news feeds, but that only makes it sillier. Some kid called Asha got in charge of an Assassin squad, the kind that take orders only from High Command's direct subordinates, and he hasn't been the same since. I guess the recognition got to Asha's head, because no matter how skilled he is, he's more than got the ego to match it. You know how Assassins fight by teleporting around until they get a good shot in, trying to make their enemies paranoid? Imagine what happens, then, when after laying down a mental map of a Tasen cruiser during a raid, Asha starts teleporting around like crazy to impress a bunch of Elites gunning for his blood, and he eventually ends up - no joke - halfway into a wall. Long story short, the raid was sucessful in the end, unfortunately, but Asha was the only Assassin to return not only harmed, but missing his right arm. I've no idea how he survived, but even more incredible was how he made all these stories and excuses up after he recovered, eventually becoming the laughing stock of his fleet. It only made him angrier, of course.

Eventually Asha ended up under that new General Tor, with a close eye on him. He's still a commander among Assassins, but at this rate the Imperial Army will be too busy making fun of its own units to take the war seriously. I mean, they didn't even celebrate the victory of the raid on the Tasen cruiser, like it didn't even matter. A couple of hundred lives here or there, right?

Now, the only thing I need to keep in mind is to not imagine what would happen if Asha read this little news page, or I wouldn't be able to sleep. I mean, he's still a top Assassin. The kind of Komato that don't even wear any armor because they got rapid-fire Resonance reflectors, and Laser daggers, and a local teleportation ability so they can appear right behind you at any time, and...

Yuka out...

Oh, I heard this is what an encounter with an Assassin looks like, but I still don't get it: