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13. Tactical retreat time

So they know we're out of options. After the last longturn's worth of battles, Elem Sioz is one of our few remaining planets, but Hel Sarie's personal army is well prepared to defend it. The evacuation is going pretty quickly, you and I are both lucky to have managed to catch the first escape fleet, though I'm sure you bought your way on board with a couple of rare collector's hot drink cans, haha. It'll be a few longturns before they've got the second fleet prepared, but it shouldn't be a problem - the Komato Imperial Army needs to amass quite a force before they can hit Elem Sioz, and they know it. And hey, this ship has in-built refreshment machines! See if you can't find a few over on your ship, too.

I've been thinking about this planet I'm planting these news logs on. What kind of place is it, anyway? There's something strange about it. But it's so far off, I'd even say it's the ideal hiding place from the Komato. Maybe I should talk to Elite Krotera about it.

Man, Naotgerai. Planetary annihilation. You may think I would say something about all of this, but there's not much I can say, we've talked about that before. No sense in dwelling on what we've lost, gotta think about the future and all that! Yuka out.

14. She's back

This is most definitely not a joke, Naotgerai. I'm dead serious! The Komato who survived that Alpha Strike is real!

I only know what I've picked up, but all of this is from whatever official news sources I could find. Her name is Iosa, and she's already been promoted to Berserker class. She was a member of tons of raids during the Komato offensive last longturn, and reports state that she's never walked away with a scratch. Yeah, so it was true after all, she has a new type of shielding system. Seems like the research data for it was lost when we Alpha Striked that planet, so hopefully it'll take them a very, very, very, very, very long time to reproduce it.

Hel Sarie has even commented on this, and she said there's no reason to fear an individual. No matter how strong Berserker Iosa is, as long as they can't replicate her shielding system and enhanced metabolism, she's nothing but a symbol of their potential. We have greater things to fear in battle, like the Komato Generals or the Phantom Reaver ships, and even then we have successfully brought some of those down before. And remember General Taeho? We didn't even have anything to do with that.

You know what? I know you're tired of it, but I'll say it again since it feels so good: we'll never fall to Komato. Even if we have to run, we will run forever! At last I hope that'll come across well in the parser I sent you and not report on the advantages of sentient refreshment machines like last time. Yuka out.