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15. Last words, pretty much

Naotgerai, you already know. Not sure what to write this time... but they got Elem Sioz, including the escape fleets they were preparing. All we have left is five planets and their surrounding fleets, and our own little escape fleet. It may sound like a lot, but considering the size of the Komato Imperial Army...

General Tor led the attack on Elem Sioz. That one-girl-army Berserker Iosa was there too. They put all the resources they had nearby into this fight, basically it was a fraction of the Imperial Army against our best planetary force. Hel Sarie's battlecruiser took off from the middle of a mountain range, they didn't seem to know it was there - or they just pretended not to know. Sarie literally had General Tor in her sights, all weapons ready, when Tor fired a Phantom Hammer shot - the kind of weapon we thought could only be wielded by Reaver spaceships before - from the entire horizon away. Half the ship, the crew and Hel Sarie herself... they disappeared into the air like mist.

We don't have many respectable leaders left, except maybe Krotera, and even that isn't saying much now. Our escape fleet is too small for real combat, and we're too far from home space, so we're going to have to forget about the rest of our planets and run. Something tells me it'll only be a matter of starturns before we're the only fleet left. It doesn't matter how far we'll have to travel though, or how long we have to survive without proper resources. Someday we'll find our stronghold, and from there we'll spread and grow strong again. Strong enough to oppose the Komato, or at least strong enough to avoid complete extermination.

Then again, we're not the good guys, so we should have seen all this coming. We got on the wrong side of the Komato, and so the Komato hunt us. We've destroyed every civilization that got in our way, and so the Komato destroy us. The only way to redeem ourselves now is to start anew and forget all about the war, but the Komato won't. They're out for justice, and they won't rest until we're wiped off the galaxy map. Their new General, Tor... I can tell he'll be around for starturns upon starturns to come. The only thing worse than ours and the Komatos' excessively long lifespans are our inability to forget our grudges. Worse still, people like Iosa and Assassin Asha will still be out there, and they've got grudges to spare.

We'll still be nibbling on the all-wide feed so we can hear the news from the rest of our fleets, but since we're flying under outgoing transmission silence, I can't keep this news log updated anymore. Eh, I was out of things to write about anyway.

I'll see you soon. Grab some Supernova bars while you still can. Sorry I didn't feel like doing a picture this time, I'm focusing on getting my hands on the best anti-Komato weapons I can find. Yuka out.