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5. Annihilators

So I've got good news and bad news, Naotgerai. Uh, the bad are pretty bad, and the good is just speculation, but...

The Komato Imperial Army is gonna start up production of the Annihilators again, and this time in full scale. Remember Ciretako? Well, seems like this time, they got some new stimulants that'll make the Anni's more prone to attacking their actual enemies, instead of randomly turning against their friends. But at least there's a small ray of hope in here - bear with me though, my speculations tend to be as reliable as my cooking.

The bad: obviously, any Komato assault that includes Annihilators means instant victory for their side. Which usually means one less ship, fleet, or even planetary colony for us. You might say they eventually win anyway, due to their incredible number and resources, so in the big picture it doesn't really matter how fast they win an individual battle, right?

The good: Ciretako will be repeating, I'm sure. Whenever an Annihilator turns against its teammates, not only does it take tons of Komato with it, it takes entire platoons of Berserkers to bring the rogue Anni down. More blame goes to Imperial Research. More excuses and trying to improve the Anni's. More questioning the Imperial Army itself, and more internal conflict. The longer this goes on for, the more it keeps them occupied with themselves, and the greater our chances of staying hidden and spreading to more planets.

Krotera's the only one around here who's seen an Annihilator and lived, but that was because it didn't fit through the emergency tunnel, so the survivors managed to catch an escape pod before the Anni tore the wall down. Krotera did manage to confirm it was capable of forcing people's personal Nanofields to self-combust, though... it literally picked a Commander up and blew him into mist! Imagine a gigantic cyborg who doesn't even flinch from head-on MPFB shots, vaporizing people with one hand and spewing Plasma bolts with the other, and at any moment it may go crazy and target everyone as enemies. Sometimes, I'm glad I'm not a Komato.

Oh yeah, I wasn't gonna do that tilted text thing again. Sorry. Yuka out.

6. Strikeback

You're not gonna believe me, but we sure ain't Blit food yet! Fleet Zontohya, one of our finest stealth units, finally snuck into the border of the Komato space it had been scouting, and Alpha Striked an unshielded planet! We're not sure yet whether it was civilian or not, but the less Komato, the better, right?

Yeah yeah, so that's not what I say whenever the Komato reduce the number of our planets, but there's a difference. We're in the minority, and they're trying to wipe us out for our crimes - we're just defending ourselves, increasing our chances of survival. As much as I actually hate to see anyone die, including the Komato, we have to do it. When someone faces their mortality, much less an entire interplanetary specie, they won't go down that easily. That's all I'm saying. Of course I wish there was no war at all - everyone does. Then I wouldn't feel forced to cherish the news of any Komato losses, or face military law for disobedience.

I know some people say we're not criminals for destroying planet after planet, some even inhabited, because it's only for self preservation. I say a killer is a killer. At this point it's just impossible to say whose history is the darkest, ours or the Komatos'. I only know that none of us are innocent, and all our civilization will leave behind is a trail of permanently uninhabitable space rocks. Wonderful.

Man, I keep doing that tilted text... I just can't help myself. Yuka out.