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3. Down to ten

Yeah... you probably heard by now. Just a cycle ago we populated 11 planets, now it's 10. They were halfway into the setup of the planetary shield, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway. A Phantom Reaver got the first shot in, tore a hole through a command ship from upper orbit, then it was just a one-turn skirmish to get the battlecruisers out of the way and a quick Alpha Strike.

Hel Sarie held an all-wide speech as usual, for those lost, and to motivate the rest of us to stay strong. Can you believe that little upstart Krotera actually said - live on the all-wide broadcast - that the fewer of us there are, the easier it is for us to hide from the Komato, so we should be thankful we were the ones to survive? Hel Sarie literally punched Krotera off the screen, and asked at point blank if he supported genocide, then he shut up and went to cry in a corner or something. If Hel Sarie didn't rock so hard, I think all our leaders would be spineless.

Anyway, enough of that. Pick up the latest build of my star system simulator, might cheer you up for a bit. I added an escape velocity calculator for it. Yuka out.

4. New refreshment machines!

Yesss! They got a shipment of the latest model, the Fridge Fulla Fat 6000. It's packed to bursting (literally, the thing looks like it's gonna explode) with 60 unhealthy snacks, superhot drinks, lesser desserts and questionable breakfasts. This thing is most likely the most awesome thing in the universe right now. And I'm not even joking!

They got one installed below, and man, just one candy bar keeps you full the rest of the day. They even got those Supernova bars you like so much, the spicy ones that set themselves on fire when you open the package and use a sentient pathfinding chip to climb down your mouth if you don't eat it immediately. OH! And the drinking mugs are, of course, made of triple composite alloy - the kind of stuff they plate Sentinels with - so they can take the temperatures of drinks so hot you won't feel your tastebuds for a week. Oldschool.

Things are looking up again. With an industry this dedicated to keeping us comfortable in our everyday work, people's spirits are returning around here. Ahh, junk food - the great motivator. Yuka out!