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Old news

20 November 2022
New Quake level

I made a new Quake level called Castle Puzzlefort, and also updated my previous levels. Due to having to record new demos for every new version, I decided to skip the demos from now on.

25 September 2022
Double princess update

Both Princess Remedy and Hyper Princess Pitch have received small updates. There is now also an .exe file for the Flash version of Randomhack in Scrap Pack 1, since Flash itself was discontinued in 2020.

16 September 2022
Bits and bobs

To make things more consistent - and easier to update - I've put the source codes of my games into their regular downloads instead of having the sources be separate. I've also improved my Unreal Tournament maps! Lastly I've been working on a new hobby game since 2018, but I don't want to reveal it until it's close to completion, so I can take my time with it.

5 April 2022
Old game version downloads

I've added downloads for as many old versions of my games as I could find to the Resources page. Iji 1.6 has been moved there as well. If there's a particular version of a game you've been looking for, you'll hopefully find it there!

13 November 2021

The source code for Iji is now a separate download on the Resources page. For some reason I also updated the "Carnage" Doom level, and a few games in Scrap Pack 2.

11 July 2021
The MEGA update!

It's time to head to the Games page, because Hero, Castle of Elite, Garden Gnome Carnage and Hero Core have all received major updates and compatibility ports! Iji, Hyper Princess Pitch, Princess Remedy, and Strawberry Jam have also received minor updates. You can see a full list of all the changes here!

23 May 2021
Retrobattle version 5 released

Retrobattle was originally released 16 years ago, and I was never really satisfied with it. So here's an update that makes it faster, more exciting, and more fair, plus includes two versions of the executable for increased compatibility.

1 May 2021
Spring cleaning

Now that Flash is no longer supported by web browsers, I made the link to the Flash version of Randomhack less prominent, and put it alongside the original NDS version in the Scrap Pack in case people still want to play it and have the means to do so. I also removed the Donate button on this News page since donations were very rare, but also because I would rather people buy Ludosity's games (the company where I work). It not only supports me but also my friends at Ludosity!

9 November 2020
Doom level music, new Pics

I added custom music to my Doom levels so you don't have to listen to the default song every time, and overhauled the Cyberpac and Icon levels. I also added some new Pics and retired some old ones as usual.

19 October 2020
Doom 2 levels touched up

I've improved my old Doom 2 levels a little, but most of the effort was spent completely redesigning Citywars. I also removed the demo recordings (or rather, didn't record new ones) since they didn't get any downloads, and most people probably don't play the DOS 1.666 version of the game anymore. You can get the levels here - just don't expect too much. :p

8 October 2020
Iji 1.7 Spelling fix

Not much of a news item, but I fixed some spelling errors in Iji 1.7 which I intended to do years ago.

12 September 2020
It's that time again

Yep, it's a news update that just informs you that there are no news. Ever since I got a job at Ludosity ten years ago, my hobby games and other creations have been taking a backseat, which made me increasingly anxious. Working extremely hard both on my spare time and at work (including months of overtime), while feeling guilty that I still didn't work hard enough to satisfy everyone as well as my own creativity, is part of what caused me to burn out two years ago. I've been piecing my life back together since then, which is why you haven't heard from me much. As I wrote last year I do have a new hobby game in the works, but instead of forcing myself through it I only work on it when I really want to, so expect it to take a long time to complete. This time I'm not in a rush, because I know what that leads to.

15 December 2019
A new Quake level has been added

I made a new Quake level called Citadel of Fire, which is mainly made for single-player but can also be played in multiplayer. Get it here!

31 July 2019
Quake page added

I added a new page for Quake 1 levels, although there's only one there at the moment. In other news I've been slowly recovering from extreme stress, grief and anxiety for the last nine months, which is why the site has been quiet for some time. I don't want to reveal the project I've been working on lately in order to avoid feeling pressured about it, but rest assured that it's coming along nicely - albeit slowly - and there's no need to worry about my well-being.

1 September 2018
Iji 10 year anniversary bonus

Iji is 10 years old already? Good grief. I made a video about one of the oldest existing versions of the game as a little 10 year anniversary bonus. Please watch it here! You can also download Iji 0.3 on the resources page.

21 June 2018
A new Doom II level has been added

For some reason I suddenly wanted to make a Doom II map, so here is a wave-based battle arena called Evilcore. Enjoy!

23 May 2018
Ludosity games page added

I added a page about all the Ludosity games I've worked on. You can read it here.

13 May 2018
UT99 levels added

I added a new page for some of my old levels for Unreal Tournament (yes, the very first one). Check them out here.

12 May 2018
Strawberry Jam and Rotnip Dungeon music

By request, here are recordings of the music from Strawberry Jam and Rotnip Dungeon from Scrap Pack 4, although they don't sound very good when you listen to them outside the games...

21 January 2018
Scrap Pack 4 updated

I updated Scrap Pack 4 to include a simple ending message to Rocket, and an easier alternate control style for Violet Metal, which has a separate highscore.

14 January 2018
Scrap Pack 4 released

There's a new Scrap Pack with eight small games of varying quality! Get it here, or get the source codes here.

1 May 2017
Iji 1.7 game guide

The game guide for Iji 1.7 is now up. The game has also received a very minor update which fixed some typos and similar small mistakes.

9 April 2017
Iji 1.7 source code

The source code for Iji 1.7 has been added to the resources page.

13 March 2017
Iji 1.7 released

A new version of Iji has been released that should work better on modern systems, and it has some other changes and improvements as well. Get it here! The source code and an updated game guide will be coming soon.

18 January 2017
Working on Iji 1.7

I'm working on version 1.7 of Iji, which is ported to Game Maker 7.0 and should run better on most modern computers. There are many fixes and additions as well, such as two new endings, non-lethal "Passive Nanoweapons", overhauled text and graphics, faster walking speed, more dialogue modifiers, a new stat upgrade interface, and extended cracking/interacting range. Due to all the changes and the new engine used, version 1.6 of Iji will remain available for download alongside 1.7.

23 October 2016
Strawberry Jam update

Strawberry Jam has been updated to version 1.1, which fixes some bugs. I've also added the source code and sprite dump for the game to the resources page.

20 August 2016
Strawberry Jam chapter 1 released

Chapter 1 of Strawberry Jam is finally released! Get it here.

12 August 2016
Strawberry trailer

I made a trailer for Strawberry Jam chapter 1. See it here!

7 July 2016
It's about time

Since things slowed down at work, I've been working on the Strawberry game every weekend since January, and it's finally nearing completion (the first chapter that is). I hope to finish it soon, then move on to the Iji update. I know it's taken an unnecessarily long time, so thank you again for your patience. Also, Princess Remedy has been updated to version 1.5 to fix a minor bug, and I added its sprites to the sprite dump on the resources page.

22 November 2015
Small updates

Hyper Princess Pitch and Princess Remedy have received some small graphical updates. I hope to return to my spare time projects next year too, namely the Strawberry game and Iji 1.7, which will include porting it to some version of Game Maker more likely to run on modern systems.

25 June 2015
Status update

The last few months I've been focusing entirely on my job at Ludosity, where we're making Ittle Dew 2 right now. So I'd like to again apologize to those waiting for the Strawberry game - it's still a pretty small game, but I can't really promise anything about its completion date anymore. Rest assured, it's a very important project to me, and I'm hoping to pick it up again as soon as my job settles down a bit.

19 April 2015
Remedy source

I've added the source code for Princess Remedy to the resources page.

23 February 2015
Princess Remedy released!

Two months ago, we made a game jam game at Ludosity called Princess Remedy. It has since been updated to version 1.2. Get it here!

20 February 2015
Return of the games

It took a while, but all the games and source code downloads are now back online. Hooray!

7 February 2015

I apologize for the delays in getting the games and files back up. Upgrading my hosting is taking longer than predicted. Thanks for your patience.

17 January 2015
Server issues, Princess Remedy coming soon

The main links to all my games will not be working for a while. Don't worry, they should be hopefully back up in a few days, hosted on my own server instead. Soon, I'll also release version 1.2 of Princess Remedy In a World of Hurt, a game jam game we made at Ludosity a while ago!

9 November 2014
Slow and unsteady

Firstly, my webhost seems rather unstable lately, so if you can't reach my page, just try again later. Secondly, the strawberry game is coming along well, but not as quickly as I had hoped. It's unlikely to be done by the end of the year at this rate, but I'll work hard to make sure it won't be delayed even more than it already is. Thank you for your patience.

18 July 2014
Goings on

In 2009, I worked for a few weeks on something called the "strawberry game", which was also shown at No More Sweden two years back. I apologize for talking about it and then dropping it so suddenly, but I'm finally picking the game up again, and intend to finish it by the end of the year. It's quite a small game, but a complicated project at the same time, so it's taken a while to re-plan it. In other news, I'll be representing Ludosity with a booth at Närcon (link removed since it no longer works) next week, showing off our games from Thursday to Sunday at the Indie Gathering!

4 May 2014
An Atari game

I made an Atari 2600 game called J.Ö.R.G.E.N. for Retrospelsmässan! You can get the game and its source code here. Please see the included readme for instructions.

15 March 2014
Hyper Princess Pitch game guide

Following the strange, ongoing tradition of releasing game guides two years after a game's release, I've made a Hyper Princess Pitch guide. Read it here!

15 December 2013
Muri and friends

Over the last few months, I've been making a DOS-like game called Muri for Ludosity, hence the lack of updates. Once again, I intend to go back to some of my spare time projects, but it's been going slowly since I put most of my time into the games we make at work.

22 September 2013
Iji game guide in French

The Iji game guide has been translated to French by Florian Genest! It's on the game guides page.

22 August 2013
Scrap Pack 3 released

Scrap Pack 3 has been released! Get it here.

3 August 2013
Hero Core in Polish

There's a new version of Hero Core that adds a Polish translation by SuVe, and a minor update of Hyper Princess Pitch. Also, Scrap Pack 3 is coming soon!

17 July 2013
Another status update

So here's the latest - I'm only working on "the strawberry game", my next project, very occasionally now. Instead I'm focusing on Muri, a small game that'll be released through Ludosity (the company I co-own and work at). So Muri is a commercial game and won't be uploaded here with my freeware stuff, but it's over halfway done already and should be completed in a month or two. Speaking of commercial, I usually only advertise the stuff we're working on at Ludosity on my Twitter page, so this site remains dedicated to my hobby projects, but I'll make this little exception for Ittle Dew since it's a remake of one of the old Scrap Pack games. :) Finally, the No More Sweden game jam is coming up this weekend, and I'll probably make something dumb with explosions again. Wooo!

7 April 2013
Site updates

I've added the old Iji 3D models to the resources page, tidied up around the site and added an FAQ page.

24 February 2013
Space Hunk at Mojam 2013

Me and a few guys at Ludosity made a game called Space Hunk at Mojam this weekend while the stream chat donated over 55 fanarts (included in the game download) - donate at to get the game!

27 January 2013
It's been a while

I'm slowly working on a new game nowadays, occasionally posting development information on my Twitter. It's going slowly mostly due to me focusing more on my job at Ludosity Interactive, which tends to hog most of my creativity and motivation, so don't expect any big announcements about it in at least half a year. By the way, I never announced the winner of the marathon prize - his name is Andrew Heinrich, and he'll lend his name to an NPC in my new game!

17 October 2012
Iji on Indie Games for Good

Iji will be played on the Indie Games for Good marathon (link removed since it no longer works) that starts on October 19th, and all donations will go toward Child's Play. One donor during the marathon will also be able to lend their name to a character in my next game!

16 September 2012
NMS 2012 presentations

I held two presentations at the No More Sweden game jam this year, and showed a very early development video of my next game. Watch the presentations here (warning: mature themes), or go directly to the new game video here!

11 September 2012
Scrap Pack games now more compatible

The games in Scrap Pack 1 and Scrap Pack 2 have been updated for better compatibility with newer versions of Windows. They now have an additional EXE file compiled in GM7.0, so if you've had trouble getting these games to run in the past, please give them another try. :)

25 July 2012
A game jam game

I attended the No More Sweden game jam, and made a game called Bromancing Saga 2 in two days. Get it here! Eventually it'll be added to Scrap Pack 3, whenever I make that.

11 June 2012
Korean translation of Iji

Out of nowhere comes another Iji translation, this time into Korean by Team Waldo! I'm thrilled by your support guys, thank you so much!

20 May 2012
Chinese translation of Iji

Iji has been fan-translated to Chinese! Wow! Go here for more info, the download, and how to get in touch with the translators.

17 May 2012
Mac version of Hero Core

Leon Arnott has ported Hero Core to Mac! Download it from the Hero Core page.

22 April 2012
The lack of updates

I'm currently not working much on my hobby projects, and have had little motivation for them, instead focusing on my job. A new game is being planned, but I don't know if it'll really work yet - once I get started I plan to be more open about its development process. In the meantime, look out for a Mac port of Hero Core and a Chinese translation of Iji soon!

8 March 2012
Two new pics

Two new pics, Zeiger and Angelica2, have been added. High resolution versions of the pics are also included.

20 February 2012
Pitch source and Game guide translations

I've added the source code for Hyper Princess Pitch to the resources page. You'll also find the HTML/PHP sources for my game guides there - translate one to another language and send it to me, and I'll put it up on the site! Of course, make sure to only translate the text, not the HTML tags.

5 February 2012
Randomhack Flash port

One of the games from Scrap pack 1, Randomhack, has been ported to Flash by Andreas Remar. Play it here!

31 January 2012
New Hyper Princess Pitch version

Version 1.2 of Hyper Princess Pitch is up, with some minor tweaks. Also the winner of the Speed Demos Archive secret room competition (see the previous update) was Edward Morgan! Congratulations!

10 December 2011
Gaming for good

Speed Demos Archive is having another marathon in early January, and all donations go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Check the schedule (link removed since it no longer works) for when LLCoolDave will be running Iji - the highest donor during the Iji run will have their name (and a pixeled representation) added to a secret room in Hyper Princess Pitch! During the marathon I will also donate everything people have donated to me lately, on top of my own contributions.

3 December 2011
Hyper Princess Pitch version 1.1

Hyper Princess Pitch has been updated to version 1.1, which adds customizable windowed mode scaling, the ability to map the arrow keys to letter keys, and support for the Xbox 360 D-pad.

1 December 2011
Hyper Princess Pitch released!

Hyper Princess Pitch is up, after some technical difficulties. The main mirror to most of my games is down right now, but will hopefully be back soon - in the meantime please use the alternate download mirrors!

6 November 2011
Hyper Princess Pitch trailer and release date

The Hyper Princess Pitch trailer is here, and the release date is December 1st!

11 October 2011
New pics

Two new pics are up, Boss logos and Boss group! Meanwhile the Hyper Princess Pitch soundtrack is moving forward, with the game hopefully released before or around December. There was also a recent interview with me (partly about the development of Pitch) here.

23 September 2011
Hero Core game guide

There's now an official game guide up for Hero Core. Spoilers abound, of course.

15 September 2011
Hero Core 1.3 released

The latest version of Hero Core has a German translation and some small improvements, such has the Blade not losing its charge when you take damage. Please see the included changelog for details. Also, the music for Hyper Princess Pitch is coming along nicely!

16 August 2011
NMS 2011 presentations

I held two presentations at the No More Sweden 2011 game jam in Stockholm, partly about Hyper Princess Pitch's development. See them here!

9 August 2011
Status update

Firstly, the servers hosting my games have been down for a week due to a blackout, and may take a while to get back up. Please use the alternate downloads wherever possible. Secondly, Hyper Princess Pitch has been severely delayed due to the search for a new musician, but the search is now over as I have a few new people to talk to. Thirdly, I went to the No More Sweden game jam and showed and talked about Hyper Princess Pitch. If everything works out I'll upload a video of that presentation soon!

21 June 2011
Scrap Pack 2 trailer

In order to raise some interest for Scrap Pack 2, I made a short trailer of sorts for it. View it here!

22 May 2011
Forum test

Since my games are discussed in several places, but none of them tied to this site, I thought I'd try having an "official" forum. Since it'd take time to set up and moderate, for now I'll try using the existing GameFAQs Iji board as a forum for all of my games. I know this is the least active of the mentioned forums, but it's the only one dedicated to my stuff, so it'll allow for multiple threads.

1 May 2011
Brick of text

Work on Hyper Princess Pitch is going well, though slowly, so I decided to put up a work-in-progress page. There are some new things I want to try with this page soon, such as adding a forum. But I also want to spend less time with computers after releasing Pitch, so it'll probably be the last game I release for quite a while.

21 March 2011
Scrap Pack 2 released

After some delay, Scrap Pack 2 is now available!

24 January 2011
Another Hero Core speedrun

My Hard difficulty speedrun of Hero Core is now available here! Although after this ordeal, I'm not sure I'll be doing the remaining difficulties.

18 January 2011
Source codes and resources

You can now get the source codes for all my games on the resources page! Please read the included legal statement carefully. The files are all provided as-is.

20 December 2010
Fake gnomes, princesses, etc.

First off, the Garden Gnome Carnage game being sold on iPhone was not made by me (Remar Games) nor Ludosity (the place where I work) - for more info, read reallyjoel's take on it here. Secondly, the freeware game I'm working on now stars Princess Pitch of dubious Garden Gnome Carnage fame! Not content with supporting roles, she sets out on a quest of a rather silly amount of explosions. The other, bigger game I'm working on will wait until this one's done. And finally, early next year I'll upload the source codes to my games and do the remaining Hero Core speedruns. See you in 2011!

10 November 2010
Heroic socks

Anders Ekermo (link removed because it no longer works) has knitted a bunch of game-themed stuff, including a pair of Hero Core socks, which are being auctioned here (link removed because it no longer works). The money goes to Child's Play charity!

24 October 2010
Hero Core speedruns

I made a video of two Hero Core speedruns, available here. I'll probably do the rest of the difficulties later. I also added a link to my YouTube channel on the left.

17 October 2010

There's a new page called resources, where you'll currently find sprite dumps from various games of mine. I'll probably upload the source code for some games there later on, if there is a point to it considering how confusing my coding style is. :) I'm also working on a new game now, but I feel it's too early to show anything in case it gets put on ice. I can say it's not a sequel though.

24 September 2010
Garden Gnome Carnage on new formats

I'm part of a tiny studio called Ludosity Interactive nowadays, and among other projects has brought Garden Gnome Carnage to Flash with an online highscore list. It'll also appear on Xbox Live Indie Games soon - here's the official page. With that bit of advertising out of the way, I'm still doing freeware stuff in my spare time, and everything on this site will remain free and ad-less.

4 July 2010
Pixeled pics

I've done a lot of pixel art over the years, largely replacing my interest and questionable skills in hand-drawn art. I've added a new category for pixelart new and old in the Pics menu, along with two older works that never got uploaded, Dizzy and Iosa.

12 June 2010
Hero Core 1.2 released

Hero Core 1.2 has been released, including Russian and Spanish translations as well as a Normal mode boss rush. Please see the changelog provided with the game for all the changes. The rest of the translations will appear in version 1.3.

15 May 2010
Hero Core translations info

Hero Core is currently being translated into French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. When these are complete, or perhaps a while longer if I receive offers for more translations, version 1.2 of the game will be released.

8 May 2010
Hero Core translation request

If you'd like to translate Hero Core to a language other than English, Swedish or Russian (translation in progress), please let me know. My e-mail is found here. Note that some languages such as Arabic or Japanese may not be possible due to character limitations.

7 May 2010
Donations accepted

I've added a donation page if you'd like to leave a tip, just make sure to read the info there first.

1 May 2010
Hero Core released

Hero Core has been released!

9 April 2010
Hero Core trailer and release date

Click here to see the trailer for Hero Core, which will be released on May 1st. Instructions for submitting your own translations will probably appear shortly after the game has been released. And again, if you missed it, Iji 1.6 has been released.

14 March 2010
Hero version 3 and Iji 1.6

The original Hero has been updated, mainly giving it a faster player character and stable framerate. Press F1 in the game to see the full list of changes. And if you missed it, Iji 1.6 has been released.

9 March 2010
Iji 1.6 on YoYo Games, Hero ramblings

While I haven't been able to get it uploaded to my usual host yet, you can now download Iji 1.6 from YoYo Games. And if you missed it a few days ago, Hero Core will have the ability to be translated to other languages. Lastly, the original Hero is soon to get an update with increased player movement speed and a stable framerate, as the biggest complaint over the years has been that it plays too slowly.

7 March 2010
Iji 1.6 coming soon, and Hero Core stuff

I'll update the Iji page within a day or two. The game may be temporarily unavailable in the meantime, and the download URL may change afterwards, so remember not to link directly to the game file. In other news, since so many people wanted to translate Iji to other languages (it's too much work to do this since the game wasn't made with it in mind), that feature has been implemented in Hero Core. Watch this space for news on Hero Core and instructions on translating it. I don't want to set a definite release date yet as the game is still in final testing, though its soundtrack is now complete.

28 January 2010
It's a delay party

Iji 1.6 will take a bit longer due to having more changes and fixes than expected. The Hero Core soundtrack is moving forward again, however.

30 December 2009
What is going on here?

The soundtrack for Hero Core is still not complete, unfortunately. I apologize for the delay, but the release date is still unknown. I'm also updating Iji to version 1.6 which fixes some bugs (such as the boss room timer and getting stuck in Sector 2), but it may take a few weeks to get it uploaded.

8 December 2009
New Iji speedrun

Hearing that Speed Demos Archive started accepting runs on freeware games, I submitted an improvement on my old Iji speedrun. You can watch it here. Of course, it will spoil a large part of the game if you haven't played it already. The benefits of playing my own game are not as large as they may seem, as several people helped with tricks and strategies.

10 November 2009
New pics

I helped playtest Umbrella Adventure, and made three fanarts in the process: Umbrella riding, An umbrella day and Umbrella and hookduck. I hope the high contrast won't burn your eyes too badly.

9 October 2009

Spacenörd, one of the games in the scrap pack, was faulty. Please download the scrap pack again if you want to get the working version. Also, I'm still waiting for the Hero Core soundtrack, and the release date is still unknown.

1 September 2009
The scrap pack

Want to play some concepts, game jam entries or homebrew NDS creations I have lying around, and not too picky about quality? Then check out the scrap pack, a collection of those very things in their mediocre, barely passable glory. No Friction was moved to the scrap pack as well. In other news I've put up a "work in progress" page for my next game, if you don't mind it spoiled you can check it out from the games page.

7 August 2009
New project

I've put up a "work in progress" page for my next game. If you don't mind it spoiled you can check it out from the games page. Some friends also suggested that I create a "scrap corner" on the site, featuring all the unfinished ideas, concepts or minigames that might be interesting, but which I never released since they're not of the same quality or polish as most of the stuff on the games page. No Friction would also be moved to the scrap page.

10 July 2009
Iji 1.5

The latest version of Iji has been released. In other news, the soundtrack to my next game is coming along nicely now, so I'll probably put up a placeholder page for the game within the next few weeks. If you're a long-term visitor of the site, you may also have noticed that pictures tend to disappear from the Pics menu over the years - I remove the ones I'm not happy with displaying anymore. Hopefully I'll get back to drawing someday, so the list will increase in size for once...

24 June 2009
Iji 1.5 and new game underway

Since some serious bugs were reported, Iji is being updated to 1.5. I'm also including the possibility to boot the game in windowed mode (finally). Other than that it won't have any notable new features. In other news, I'm working on my next game project, but I don't want to reveal what it is until the soundtrack nears completion, since I don't know how long that will take.

24 May 2009
A reminder about hotlinking

Sites linking to Iji should link to this page rather than the game file itself, to prevent using bandwidth you're not supposed to. Thank you.

19 May 2009
Iji 1.4 released, and Castle of Elite updated

The latest version of Iji consists of bugfixes and other minor improvements. For a full list of changes, please see the FAQ section of the game's manual. I've also updated Castle of Elite with some minor user interface upgrades, mainly in the editor, and Retrobattle with the ability to skip the score tallying screen.

10 May 2009
Iji 1.4 released!

This latest version of Iji consists of bugfixes and other minor improvements. For a full list of changes, please see the FAQ section of the game's manual. Also, Retrobattle has been updated to version 4 - the only change here is that you can skip the score tallying screen by pressing Enter, but it's a change that's been long overdue.

21 Apr 2009
Time for an update

Two new pictures have been added, the watercolor-looking Strawberry that was actually made digitally, and Gnomecake which is actually photos of a Garden Gnome Carnage-inspired cake. In other news, I've begun work on my next game project, which is far smaller than Iji and more along the lines of my previous games. To avoid feeling pressured though, I still don't want to reveal what it is yet.

18 Jan 2009
Iji speedrun videos

During the making of Version 1.3 of Iji, I recorded the 16-segment speedrun attempt that resulted in my new record for the Normal difficulty. This speedrun video is now available (split into four parts) here on my YouTube channel. Note that THESE VIDEOS WILL SPOIL MOST OF THE GAME and assume you have already beaten it yourself!

25 Dec 2008
Iji 1.3

Version 1.3 of Iji has been released! In other news I also made a new pic.

29 Nov 2008
Updated notice? I need better titles for these news items.

Version 1.3 of Iji is going to include some bigger changes than expected. New customizable weapon cycling keys have been added, making it easier for gamepad users to play the game (using a program like Joy2Key or Xpadder). Some new pacifist modifiers have also been implemented, and it's possible to finish the game with 0 kills. Again, nearly all logbooks have also been moved away from any enemies, minor issues have been fixed and the script has been improved. I highly recommend getting this version of the game when it's done. And I may as well say again that since so few people noticed the somewhat hidden link to Iji's pre-release teaser page, here it is.

20 Nov 2008
Just a notice

Version 1.3 of Iji is in the works, but will likely take a while as I'm busy with other things. It only contains minor fixes and cosmetic tweaks, but nearly all logbooks have also been moved away from any enemies, letting you read them even while on the pacifist path. This was an oversight in the original release that have irked people, and so this is the easiest solution since I'm not implementing anything major anymore. The script is also being updated. In other news, while i have plans for my next games, it may take a long time before I can start working on them, so don't expect any signifiant updates to this site. Finally, since only about 2000 people ever noticed the somewhat hidden link to Iji's pre-release teaser page, here it is. Naturally it stopped updating back in September.

10 Oct 2008
New Iji version and high-quality soundtrack

Iji has been updated to version 1.2, which among other improvements includes a new gamma option to fix crashes on some computers. The high-quality soundtrack has also been released, which is made to replace the game's songs if you want and comes with a bonus song. Some short pieces ("hero3D", "lightstroke", "darkstroke" and "doom") remain in the same quality as the ones included with the game.

24 Sep 2008
High-quality soundtrack on its way

The high-quality soundtrack for Iji was unexpectedly delayed since Chris Geehan wanted to improve some of the songs. It'll hopefully arrive within a week, so keep your ears open! Version 1.2 of the game will also be released, which includes an option for turning off the gamma effects which have caused trouble with certain graphics cards.

1 Sep 2008

Iji has been released, and about time too! Go get it here. Since this is the first release, there may be some mistakes or bugs; please report them as soon as possible, and they'll be fixed for the next version. I hope you will enjoy it!

31 Aug 2008
Iji sometime tomorrow!

Iji will be released around the evening tomorrow (GMT), on September 1st, unless something completely unexpected gets in the way. Thanks for your patience everyone!

24 Jul 2008
Iji trailer, and release date set

The completion of Iji is not far off, so I decided to make a short trailer for the game. You can watch it HERE. The game is still undergoing final tweaks and bugtesting, and the release date is now the 1st of September so I'll have time to set up a reliable download mirror. Unlike my previous vague deadlines for the project, only a major unforeseen setback would prevent a release on or around that day.

24 May 2008
Progress, at least

Since it's been several months since the latest real news here, due to me working only on Iji, I'll give a brief update on the game itself. The game, sound and voice processing are now done (save for the tweaking due to feedback), and while I'm waiting for the soundtrack to be completed (hopefully before August), the game is undergoing intense testing. Mostly these tests, in which I let someone play the game while I take notes from behind, reveal many small flaws in the game that I patch up before the next tester gets to play. The most important flaws, such as the game giving too little information and feedback about the game mechanics and boss fights, are the ones I could have easily overlooked without the help of my testers. Of course, the game still won't please everyone's tastes in the end, but I'm trying very hard to make it more accessible and fair. I'll also update the game page eventually to describe the game in more detail. If you're one of the few people still waiting for Iji, I hope it won't disappoint.

24 Mar 2008
I guess I couldn't think of a title for this news post

There's an interview with me on Planet freeplay, mostly regarding Iji and my other games. Most of the commas seem to have fallen out of my replies for some reason, and I feel the interview unfortunately hypes the game a bit, but you're welcome to read it here (link removed because it no longer works). Work on the game itself is slow these months, due to more important matters, but the deadline remains. I've also removed some old Pics from the site I wasn't happy to display anymore.

16 Jan 2008
Bandwidth troubles

Garden Gnome Carnage has been downloaded so many times recently, I had no choice but to replace it with a text file pointing to some download mirrors (these are also found on the game's page), otherwise this site would be automatically taken down until the end of the month due to exceeded bandwidth. We're going to upgrade the server account to allow for increased bandwidth, but in the meantime, please use the mirrors instead.

6 Jan 2008
Carnage to the people

Garden Gnome Carnage has now been added proper to the Games section of the site. It may be less serious and more computer-demanding than my other games, but I figured it deserves better than its temporary hub page. And if you missed the previous news post, Iji's deadline has been pushed to August 2008.

3 Dec 2007
I feel like a Duke

First off, I've removed my old comic Ultimortal from the server, something that's been coming for a few years now. But more importantly, Iji won't be able to meet its deadline of "before 2008". I've worked on and off at the game since its inception, but only started focusing on making it a finished product during the later stages of development. Still, it's 90% done, and as I want to finish it as soon as possible, I've decided on a new deadline; summer 2008, or more specifically "before August". It may arrive earlier, but I can't make any promises - it's a hobby project after all.

1 Sep 2007
Game guides, Iji and Ultimortal

Since Hero, Castle of Elite and No Friction were all released at least two years ago, I feel comfortable releasing three official game guides, which include maps, secrets, solutions and trivia straight from the creator. The guides are accessed from the games' pages. As for Retrobattle, there's not much point in doing a guide for an arcade game that has no secrets or specific solutions. Next is something that's been coming for the last few years - I've removed the link to Ultimortal, my old webcomic. It was started in April 2003, and went on to December 2004. It's embarrasingly bad, and since I neither feel like redoing the first half nor continuing to finish the remaining half, the comic is (perhaps sadly to some) dead. In time, I will remove it from the server altogether. Much of the quirky style of Ultimortal's characters, setting and technology lives on in Iji though.

27 May 2007
Still in progress

I haven't been updating the site recently, due to working on nothing but Iji in my spare time. I'm currently doing the final boss, after which I'll do the sound effects and cutscenes, and a lot of other smaller things. I'm still aiming for the "before 2008" deadline, though.

25 March 2007
Retrobattle updated

Retrobattle has been updated with four new skill levels and enemy variations, bringing a much greater challenge. Work on Iji crawls along as usual, as I have to focus on school for the next few months.

14 January 2007
Chugging along

As usual, the lack of site updates simply means that I'm working on Iji. I aim to get the actual gameplay part done by the end of March or April, while sound, cutscenes, music and other things comes last. The deadline remains "sometime in 2007", as I don't want to rush the game. I've also updated the description on the Iji page, so you'll have a better idea of what kind of gameplay to expect.

30 October 2006

Only minor site updates here; I replaced the "Contact" page with "About", but it still has my contact information. I also changed the link to Lik-Sang on the simfile page, as a Sony lawsuit recently put them out of business for exporting Sony PSP's. Speaking of links, if you remember all the webcomics that I used to link to, all of them have stopped updating or have gone on breaks.

6 October 2006
New site

I've remade the site in PHP, which for example makes it possible to link to a specific page without losing the navigation bar to the left. I've updated various parts of the content too. You may need to clear your browser cache if some pages are displayed incorrectly. Iji is coming along as usual, at roughly 70% complete.

26 June 2006
Fixing mistakes

I've updated Castle of Elite, since you could beat the level "Trundler's Adventure" with a spare brick. There was also a mistake in the Seventeen simfile (it required you to press three arrows at once), so I've updated it. And again, this page can now be reached at In other news, Iji is roughly halfway complete, so I currently aim for a release sometime in 2007.

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