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Scrap pack 5
Genre: Varies
Content: Varies
Original release: 2024

Version 1.0 (30 January 2024)
Download Part 1
Download Part 2

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Note: Some of the games have at least two exe files compiled. If one doesn't work, please try the other.

This is a collection of yet more concepts, prototypes, and some finished games I wouldn't put alongside the others on my site. Each game has an accompanying text file with information and controls, be sure to read them!

Part 1 contains:
- Breakaway Business Sis **
- Ernest Footley Collection **
- Wizardrealm *
- Wizardrealm II **
- Wizardrealm III ***

Part 2 contains:
- Frilly Hat Elf **
- Froggish Swimmer **
- Frozen Swimmer **
- Mejs *
- Planets ***

The number of stars represent how much work was put into the games, or how long they may last you.

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