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Hero - Official game guide

Introduction - Basics - Enemies - Maps - Secrets - Trivia


Knowing your enemy is half the battle in this game. The more you fight Tetron's hordes, the more you'll understand their movement patterns, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Hero's speed is 1.1 so enemies like Reavers move as fast as the player.

Hit points: 2
Speed: 0.6
The most basic enemy in the game, the Drones think and move very slowly. Two shots take them out. They only pose a threat when attacking careless players in large numbers.

Hit points: 4
Speed: 1.1
A fast and deadly enemy that should be destroyed as soon as possible. Reavers like to surprise you with their speed, but they're not that tough once you start fighting back - just move away while firing at them.

Hit points: 8
Speed: 1.2
Crushers are upgraded Drones. Although they have superior speed and power, their targeting systems are just as slow and can be easily outmanouvered. Thankfully, Crushers lack weapons other than their own body.

Hit points: 16
Speed: 1.1
Hunters first appear in Level 2, and are not as easily destroyed as the lesser enemies. Armed with a blaster and average tracking capabilities, they fire towards Hero in fixed intervals, but can be tricked by constantly moving around the room. If a Hunter is accompanied by Reavers or Crushers, it's better to run than to fight.

Hit points: 16
Spawners are capable of producing a total of three Drones and Reavers at a time, and also fire randomly in a 180 degree upwards arc. Their shots are easily avoided as long as you don't get distracted - take out the lesser enemies and then the Spawner as quickly as possible.

Hit points: 32
Generators are stationary power sources with strong defenses. They fire bullets in intervals, some aiming at Hero and some going off in random directions. Every ten seconds a wide blast is fired that requires you to back up or hide behind a wall. You can also avoid the blast by moving high or low enough for the entire wave of bullets to miss you. Once a generator is destroyed, it will stay that way until you run out of lives and retry the level.

Hit points: 64
Speed: 1.2
The Annihilators are Tetron's most feared creations and first appear in Level 3. They are bigger and faster than any other enemy, and have three distinct weapons: streams of fast-moving bullets, a quadruple spread shot, and very slow-moving bullets that cover up the screen to make moving around more difficult. The Annihilators follow a predictable pattern, however - they alternate between chasing Hero and going off in a random direction, and alternate between firing their quadruple shot horizontally/vertically and diagonally. It's best to keep a distance and lure them into your line of fire before hiding behind the nearest wall. Whenever an Annihilator doesn't trap you in its room, it means you don't have to fight it - move to the next screen before it wakes up and things get too heated.

Cruiser Tetron
Hit points: 128
Speed: 1.1
The leader of the mechanical army, Tetron is actually a machine himself. He appears in Level 6 as the end boss. To survive Tetron's barrage of laser beams, first learn his pattern - he flies to a random spot, then flies towards you, and sometimes stops to fire in all directions. These directions are always the same. As long as you keep a good distance to him and move up and down to avoid the lasers aimed at you, he should never get close enough to run into you. The only way to damage Tetron is to fire at his head; the rest of his body is impervious to your blaster and will produce a "ping" sound when hit.