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Hero - Official game guide

Introduction - Basics - Enemies - Maps - Secrets - Trivia


Bonus screen
After beating the game, scroll through the levels until you see the word "BONUS!!" and press Enter. On the bonus screen you can look at the developer maps, listen to the game's music, watch the ending, and play the extra level. The map of this extra level doesn't appear in the developer maps and can only be found in this game guide.

The hidden room
A careful study of the Level 5 map on the bonus screen reveals a blinking spot in the upper left corner of the level - you can actually go through the ceiling at the end of the narrow passage in this room. Inside you'll find a flashing icon forming the letters "FK", the initials for the original name of my old webcomic Ultimortal. When you pick it up, you get a Supergun and the icon reappears, letting you pick it up again whenever you lose a life.