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Hero - Official game guide

Introduction - Basics - Enemies - Maps - Secrets - Trivia


These are the original developer maps, modified for easily finding the Generators, boss enemies and Doors.

Level 1
Supergun: Go right and up from the start.
This level is very small and easy to navigate. Take your time to practice fighting the enemies.

Level 2
Supergun: In the bottom right corner.
Go up from the start to find the Generator. Then simply follow the path around to the boss enemy, a Hunter, in the bottom left corner of the map. It's the only Hunter you'll have to deal with in this level.

Level 3
Supergun: In the screen left of the Generator.
This cave level seems large at first. Go left and down from the start to reach the Generator. After destroying it, head right and up through the cave to reach the boss enemy - an Annihilator. This level also has a lot of Hunters, but you don't need to destroy any of them.

Level 4
Supergun: In the screen above the boss room.
This high-tech base level looks more confusing than it really is. First go left and follow the path to find the Generator, then return to the starting point. Go up from here to face an Annihilator boss enemy, then head right from the starting point and keep moving upwards. You'll eventually get to a screen with moving boxes - go through this room and enter it from the right, which will allow you to ride the boxes to the left side of the screen. Try to use the moving scenery in the next screen to deal with the Drones.

Level 5
Supergun: In the bottom left corner.
This enormous cave is the last challenge before facing Tetron. Use the map to find the quickest path to the Generator, and avoid most of the fights. After destroying the Generator, head up and left, then follow the cave to yet another Annihilator boss. Finally, go down and right to enter the last part of the cave. As for the lone room in the upper left corner, see the secrets section.

Level 6
This level doesn't require much of a walkthrough, does it? Move right through the empty, ominous rooms to face Hero's arch-enemy.

Level X
Supergun: In the bottom left corner.
This is the special level accessible from the bonus screen after beating the game. Defeat the boss enemy first - an Annihilator accompanied by a Hunter and a Spawner - to open the way to the Supergun, which will help you take out the Generator. Both the boss enemy and the Generator must be destroyed to enter the upper right part of the level, which holds yet another Annihilator accompanied by a swarm of enemies. All of them must be destroyed to open the exit. Don't give up!